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This is perfect for on the go type of trips. I wanted something that I can easily fit in my small car and be able to have room. This is also perfect if you plan last minute trips to the beach, park, lake, etc. It's a grab and go.
Mrs. Lee
Nairobi, Kenya

Over 329 Kenyans Who Purchased Our Barbeque Grill Proclaim its Unmatched Effectiveness – Here’s Why:

  • Compact Convenience: A foldable portable barbeque grill is designed for easy transportation and storage. Its compact size makes it ideal for outdoor events, picnics, camping trips, and more.
  • On-the-Go Grilling: With its portability, you can enjoy the pleasure of grilling anywhere. Whether you’re at the beach, in a park, or on a hiking trail, you can savor freshly grilled food on your adventures
  •  Versatile Cooking: Despite its compact size, these grills often offer versatile cooking options. You can grill a variety of foods, from burgers and steaks to vegetables and seafood, making it suitable for different tastes.
  • Fire Sense: Ensuring Superior Quality for Uncompromised Grilling Excellence
  • Efficient Heating: Many foldable grills are engineered for optimal heat distribution, ensuring that your food cooks evenly. This efficiency results in perfectly cooked meals every time.

Key Features of the Anti-snoring Device

Type: Portable/Table Top
Size: 18″ L x 13″ W x 13″ H; 9 lbs
Cooking Surface: 17.37″ L x 11.82″ W
Material: Steel
Color: Black
Fuel Source: Charcoal 
Assembly: Pre-assembled

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Man I bought this grill for the 4 of July, and it worked out great! As you can see from my anti vegan video this grille definitely gets the job done. It’s small and compact and fits in any hipsters purse.

Mrs Aluna, Mombasa.




This grill is perfect for last minute dinner. Easy to set up and get started. Grill gets very hot and has a decent cooking area. I use this grill for camping and fishing and also last min bbq for dinner. This grill breaks down flat and easy to carry and store in your vehicle.

Mr Azizi, Nairobi



I’ve used my grill a few times. Cooks food thoroughly . Good charcoal taste too, really good charcoal grill!

Mrs Beatrice, Kisumu

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Yes, our grill is designed for straightforward assembly. Most users can set it up in just a few minutes.

While the grill has a portable design, it can still accommodate a good amount of food. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized gatherings.

Absolutely, our grill is built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, even when used outdoors frequently.

Of course. It is FREE DELIVERY to your doorstep

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